The Power of Connection with Horses

Before I began practicing The Waterhole Rituals with my horses, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the word “connection” or what it truly means. Yes, I am aware that there are many definitions of connection, but I am referring to connection which develops from an energetic force greater than ourselves; one that can't be forced and comes from a state of grace that brings two beings into contact allowing them to mesh as one.  It is my belief that all beings in this Universe are connected and sometimes by chance we meet people who we know were put on our path for a special reason.  I also believe that connection is something that we must strive for in our relationships. This is especially true in our relationships with our horses. 

Although we all seek meaningful connections, we sometimes avoid intimacy as it can be scary to our ego self.  When we feel vulnerable and threatened we may disconnect emotionally and retreat into ourselves as a defense mechanism.  Awareness is the key to breaking through this ego based thinking and letting the love in our hearts flow into the world.  When we are in a peaceful loving space within ourselves, connection with others feels natural and safe.

Horses are master teachers in guiding us to awareness and self discovery.  It has been my experience with horses that true connection takes practice and is cultivated over time. There must be trust and respect for this essential bond to develop.  If we try to establish a relationship with a horse based on our own ego needs, we will invariably find conflict. We all have the power within ourselves to heal our emotional trauma and pain through awareness. The most rewarding relationships are based on how we relate and connect to ourselves.  Once we begin to know and love ourselves, our hearts will naturally open. Only in a place of peace, purely in the present moment, can we experience the magic of connection with our horses.