Watch this video and prepare to be amazed at our incredible location, the mountain village of El Castillo, Costa Rica!

The Carolyn Resnick Method of Horsemanship

Connecting with Horses at Liberty

This video was filmed at a Waterhole Ritual Clinic, practicing the Carolyn Resnick Method, hosted by Kindred Connections. This dance with Horses Clinic and was filmed by Lilian Haider and Dan Bruns for Kindred Connections, specialising in Equine, Yoga and Wellness retreats in El Castillo, Costa Rica.

This video demonstrates The Power of Connection with Horses. These sentient beings bring us back to our true nature when we listen to what they have to share with us!

4 years ago I rescued Apache. He was abused and extremely detached from humans and I was told to put him down, as he would "probably kill me". I promised him I would never let anyone hurt him again and after lots of love, patience and practicing the Carolyn Resnick Method, The Waterhole Rituals,  with him, this is where we are today.