A little about our horses

Our equine family started with one amazing horse named Gurrion. After adopting Gurrion, we soon realized that he needed a friend, and after months of searching we found Anoushka, on the Carribbean coast of Costa Rica. She was owned by a soon to be close friend, Terry, who wanted to find her the perfect home. She was 6 months old when we brought her to our farm and we quickly fell in love with her amazing personality!  Soon after this special addition Apache came into our lives, also  also in need of a forever home, so we decided that he would be a perfect match for us, and we brought him to our farm as well. Two years ago while looking into a saddle purchase at a farm outside of San Jose, Costa Rica, we came across 4 horses that were skin and bones, and in much need of some love, so of course we rescued Luce, Pizazz, Willie and Shiva. As if our family was not large enough, Anoushka surprised us with a beautiful baby, who was born on January 28th, 2015,  Gracie. Watching her birth was another wonderful miracle and a moment I will never forget. She is an amazing soul, and as you may expect, she rules the roost around here! We now have a beautiful mix of Ibero, Criollo, and Paso Costarricense horses that are our pride and joy! We must not forget our beloved dogs, Murphy, a Daniff, Diamond, a Stafforshire Terrier, and Charlie, a sweet little mixed breed rescue dog!  We are so grateful that all of these precious animals have come into our lives and will always appreciate all love and joy they share with us!

Meet Our Guide

Lilander Alvarez is Pura Vida in every way! He is an amazing man with a beautiful passion and love for horses. He lives for each day to be with his herd. When I first met Lilander, years ago, he was a young man with a dream to have the only Appaloosa Farm in Costa Rica. He has worked hard toward that dream and today he is well know for breeding fine Appaloosas and for his expertise in all aspects of Horsemanship. He is our trusted guide and makes every trip a delight!! His love for people and his enthusiasm for life is contagious, as he shares his funny stories and his love for his country, Costa Rica. He has 12 beautiful horses that carry our guests on amazing adventures through the tropical rainforest! A day with Lilander is a day you will never forget!

Horseback with Genna and Kayla 015.JPG