"I had an incredible experience staying at the Majestic and riding with Lilander. His waterfall adventure tour is amazing, and the way he cares for his horses is beautiful. Definitely recommend these retreats to anyone wanting to connect further with themselves and nature!"



“This was our second time visiting the Majestic Lodge/Pie in the Sky. We were first there in August for a friends wedding and stayed at the slice of heaven atop the hillside... It was a life altering experience, not just because of the breathtaking amenities, view, land, and they throw an amazing party. Honestly, it is the people we fell in love with! They made us feel at home." 

 Alysee Christina


"This place was stunning. And the price was so reasonable. We stayed at pie in the sky in the two bed room with another couple and couldn't have asked for a better situation. The room! The view! The kitchen! Howlers down the hill ... And they are starting breakfast there soon too! I hope we can make it back there some day!"




"You will be astounded with the flora and fauna that surround you: pineapples, toucans, banana trees, parrots, poinsettias, hummingbirds of every description, bougainvillea, etc, etc. so bring your binoculars. But I would have to say one the best aspects of El Castillo would be the locals who always gave us a cheerful 'Hola!" and a smile as they walked to school or trotted by on a horse or puttered past, 3 to a motorcycle. Pura Vida indeed!"

Diana Bogie